Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Walking in Circles

Jackson is a man on the move these days. Not only did he learn to crawl but he also realized that he can walk in this fun toy. He loves to have you hold his hand and walk him around but as we all know that is a back breaking job! He has enjoyed being in this and would pull himself around but today he realized how fun it really is!

A visit with Grandma and Papa

Grandma and Papa have come out for a visit and we headed up to Big Bear for the weekend for some skiing. We are pretty sure that by next year Jackson will be able to ski with dad and papa! I think he is pretty cute in his goggles! Jackson has also decided that his little plastic car is great but he realized that he can't really get to far. He some how in the first hour of his Papa being out here convinced him that he needed to drive my car. I am wondering if this works the same as in a restaurant - the first person that looks at the bill pays it. The first person to let Jackson drive buys him his first car? Grandma and Papa are still up at Big Bear and will be coming back soon to hang out with the little man some more!

Friday, February 20, 2009

On the move!

Jackson has finally decided to crawl! We were sitting outside yesterday and he didn't think I was looking so he decided to crawl off the blanket. This morning he realized that he could follow me into the kitchen and was so proud of himself!

We also had our 9 month doctor visit. He is still tall and skinny - 29 inches (75%) and 19 lb 12 oz (50%). He was such a trooper when he had to get his blood drawn and one more shot. Otherwise he was nice and healthy so that was good.

Grandma and Papa are on their way out here and we are off to Big Bear to go skiing for the weekend. It is a good thing he learned to crawl because it would have looked pretty silly if he learned to ski before crawling!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hard at work

Jackson got a new car!

We went to Lowe's this weekend and they have baskets that are like race cars. We were not sure what Jackson would think or if he was even big enough to ride in it. He had a ball and laughed the whole way through the store. So as soon as we left we headed straight to Target to get Jackson his own car with the rest of his Christmas gift card. Thank you Grandma and Papa for my new car. As soon as we put him in it and took a walk he could not stop smiling and babbling. I guess it was a smart choice! He didn't even want to stop and see the dogs - he just wanted to keep driving!!
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Happy Valentines Day!

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my little ham

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A visit to northern california

Jackson and I went up to Northern California to visit some friends. We spent a week hanging out and then Justin flew up on Friday and we all got to hang out for the weekend. I apparently forgot to take pictures except for the one night that we went out to see Jess, Nathan and Noah. Jackson and Noah had a great time playing (Noah was a trooper even though he had not taken great naps that day). They had a great time reminiscing about their last visit together - which was for Kim and Paul's wedding and they were in a hotel room with a babysitter. We still have not been able to get the whole story out of them about what they did that night!

Thanks Liz and Bryan for letting us take over your house with baby crap for a week!!
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