Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More Boston

Frog Pond in Boston

Saying Hi to the ducklings again

Every time someone when out the door - Jackson had to run down the hall to the elevators

Sometimes you just need from fresh air

Thanks Annie for the new Red Sox outfit!

Look at this face - I would never get into trouble!

For some reason he really likes to wear his hat sideways

I'm not doing anything wrong :)

How times have changed!

August 12, 2008 - first time together (they also saw each other at Christmas)

11 months later! Jack just turned 1 and Jackson is 13 1/2 months

The only 2 seconds that they sat still

They were so excited when they saw each other!
How our lives have changed!

We had a great time seeing Kristy, Anthony and Jack when we were in Boston. Jack and Jackson have not seen each other since Christmas but they acted like they see each other all the time. They were so cute together!

Swan Boats with Papa!

You want me to sit on this duckling?

Oh - OK it's not so bad

Happy boy on the swan boat!

Papa grew up riding on the swan boats in the summer. It was a great to see the two of them together starting their own tradition!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

On the boat

Justin's Grandma and Marshall
Mr. Boater

Caroline and Ellie (only 2 weeks old)

Jackson helping Papa drive

Sidney and Suz (41 weeks prego)

Grandma and Jackson


One of Jackson's new best friends.

Jackson and Granny reading before bed

Jackson finally meeting Bill Harper

Alix Rawald in from London

Jackson and Alix playing

Still standing even after a long day of flying and meeting new people

Jackson and I made it to Boston!! Jackson did very well on the flight considering we woke him up a 5am and he took a 20 min nap on the flight. He did very well sitting in my lap and we did A LOT of walking up and down the aisle. Only a few minutes of fussing and that was mostly because he was over tired. We made it in just before a big storm hit so that was luck!! We have been seeing tons of people. Bill Harper happened to be in town so we were able to see him for a bit before he headed to the airport. Justin's grandma (granny) and her gentleman friend Marshall are here. Later that evening Hiroko, Nicole, Alix and Hiroko's mother were in town (Hiroko is married to Justin's second cousin and were in from London.) Needless to say we had a VERY busy first day. Jackson has also loved having the dogs around. He walks around saying doggie and oof oof. He even did nose nose with Opal!

Sunday, July 5, 2009