Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Crazy Boy!

Jackson has had a bit of a runny nose but that does not seem to keep the little guy down at all. He did sit in his chair for a few minutes to watch Sesame Street but it didn't last long. He's a wild man these days and is always on the move. He pulls himself up on anything and everything and will stand for a second by himself and can walk for a little bit while I hold one hand.

Other than that, we have joined a few mommy groups so we have been busy and he has been having fun with other kids (which might also be why he has a runny nose!) The kids and the moms in the groups seem to be great which is very nice! It gets us out of the house and keeps us both happy!

Here are a few pictures and videos from today. The cats are still great with him which is good since he can now chase them. He also decided this evening that he would take all of his PJs out of his drawer. I was putting away his clothes and I guess I left it open a little too long because next thing I know he had them all over the floor. Sorry the one video is a little long, it is a slice of life with Jackson.

Monday, March 23, 2009

A little Status Report

Mr Expressions!

You want me to do what?

Ok - as long as I can have more cookie!

Standing in his bed!

As of Saturday, Jackson is 10 months old! I still can’t believe that it has already been 10 months. He is an amazing little boy and is learning something new every day. He has not been early on anything physical (which is fine by me) but he is right where he should be. He has been pulling himself up for a little while, but only when holding on to someone’s hands. The little man is starting to realize that he can use anything stable to pull himself up. When I went in to get him from his morning nap he was standing in his crib! Needless to say he was very proud, and doing a little dance. He is crawling like crazy and is getting faster all the time.

He is still a very happy little boy. He is always smiling, laughing and babbling! He seems very interested in speaking. He has mama down and is pretty good at saying dada. Now we have him working on “kitty” and is getting closer to being able to actually say it. There have been a couple of times that he has tried to mimic what is said to him - sometimes getting pretty close! I think we are in trouble once he actually starts talking because he is a VERY vocal little guy!

We have been trying to give him more table food and he seems to quite enjoy it. Even though he still only has his bottom 2 teeth he is pretty good chewing up what we give him. If he sees me eating something he comes right over to try it. One of his favorites is if he sees me with a banana - he comes over as fast as possible and will eat the entire thing if I let him. I posted a video of the little monkey!

That is a little bit of what is going on in our life!

Relaxed Little Man

Naps were a wonderful thing in our house after getting back from Houston. Poor little Jackson was totally worn out and needed a few days of sleep apparently. Both of his naps were three hours and on some days I would wake him up from his afternoon nap, I wanted to make sure he would sleep through the night. When I went in to wake him up this is how I found him - one arm behind his back and the other behind his head. It is hard to be Jackson!

Friday, March 20, 2009

When in Texas!

Chad and Charlie waiting for the slide

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo happen to be going on while we were in Houston. Charlie was old enough to actually enjoy it and I think Jackson liked that he could get up close to the cows. It was a beautiful afternoon and everyone had a great time!

Blue Bonnets!

There is a great park not far from my mom and the blue bonnets were starting to bloom. We took the kids over to get some pictures. I had a hard time picking out just a few pictures so if you would like to see more please check out the rest online

Party Time!

Trying to get 7 kids from 7 wks to 4 1/2 to sit on a couch is not easy. Poor Madison got cut out of the shot but it was a little closer so I wanted to add it. This is the next generation of Sperandio/Goodman/Richmond kids! They are all so cute when they get together!

The whole gang - From left: Madison (1 1/2), Kennedy (4 1/2), Emerson (2 months), Charlie (2 1/2), Jackson (9 months), Georgia (2 1/2) and Grant (7 months) (thank you Liz - I took this off of her blog:))

Liz and Emerson

This will be Jackson's partner in crime in the years to come. Grant Sperandio is only about 3 wks younger than Jackson

Jackson and Grant

Emily had some puffs and Grant, Georgia and Jackson acted as though they had not eaten in weeks. It was pretty funny.

Jackson and Grant

We had our usual get together at my moms house. It was great fun to see all of the kids together and we were also able to celebrate Ricky's birthday!
Check out Liz's blog (http://thetalesofabigbrother.blogspot.com/2009/03/cupcake-party.html) for some more great pictures!

Fun Evening

Emerson really enjoyed herself!

This was cute because we have the same picture of Jackson in the swing with Charlie next to him!
Charlie showing Jackson how to have a tea party

Emerson having fun!


Chad and Liz had a wedding Saturday night so we got to hang out with all of the kids. It was great to seem Charlie playing so well with Jackson. Jackson quite enjoyed watching and trying to play like the bog boy!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

First Haircut!

Jackson had his first haircut today and did great. He even let her use the electric razor! Little does he know if he had whimpered even a little she would have given him a lollipop. Goodbye shaggy, hello handsome!
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Meeting Emerson!

Charlie showing Jackson how a toy works

3 adorable cousins!

Charlie giving Jackson a kiss

We finally got to meet Emerson. She is absolutly adorable and it is amazing how quickly you forget how small they are. Jackson and Charlie had a wonderful time playing together. Charlie immediatly got down and started crwaling and Jackson would follow. I will say that the next baby has some stiff competition with Miss Emerson because she is the BEST baby I have ever seen. She doesn't make a peep and seems to just enjoy what is going on around her!

Aunt Mels came to visit

Aunt Mels came out for a visit and we had a great time! Can't wait to see her again!