Thursday, May 28, 2009

We are ALMOST walking!!

Jackson had his 12 month well check up and everything went great. He has turned into a skinny boy (which seems hard to believe because he eats all day!) He is 21.5 lbs (25%) and 30 inches (50%). We have moved off of formula and onto milk and no more bottles and he seems to be fine with that.
As with every other milestone Jackson does them right when the books say is average. He turned 1 and he started to walk. He is getting much more adventurous and is starting to let go and walk more.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Thank you Grandmother for my wagon - I love it!

Thanks for coming out Grandma and Papa. I am excited that I get to come to Boston this summer - what a great birthday present!

Jackson was very spoiled by all of his friends and family this year (especially his grandmother, grandma and papa.) Thank you everyone for thinking of Jackson on his 1st birthday - he loved everything!


I can eat this?

Here I go

I love it!

All that was left

Mike, what did you get me?

He got me a bow!

You want me to eat broccoli after you fed me cake?

We went to dinner down at the marina - Jackson and Papa checking out the boats.

Grandma and Papa came out to help us celebrate Jackson's first birthday. We had his actual party on Saturday and it was great. Jackson seemed to quite enjoy his cake but he didn't make a huge mess. It is still hard to believe that he is 1!

Birthday Kitchen

Playing with the kitchen and standing on his own. He loves to stand and is taking a few steps. He will be walking in no time.

I just though this was a funny picture

One of Jackson's birthday presents was a kitchen. So far he loves it. The pictures are from when we first gave it to him and the video was from today. He is getting the hang of playing with it. One of the cutest things is that if you ask him for some yum yum he will be the spoon and try to feed you. The video is of him now that he has learned what all he can do with the kitchen. His favorite thing seems to be turning the light off and on so that he can dance to the music. The boy LOVES to dance!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Someone loved their birthday dinner!

It is hard to believe but Jackson is now 1. I can't believe a year ago he was such a tiny little guy and now he is a wild man. He is a crazy little boy and is ALL over the place. He is getting close to walking but is not quite there but is one of the fastest crawlers around. His dinner tonight was nothing special - mac n'cheese with spinach and chicken - he decided it was one of the best meals he had ever eaten. He loves to feed himself and made quite a mess. It was a good thing he had already been playing in the fountain so he was wet and dirty. The video is of him during dinner and he quite enjoyed Grandma singing to him.

Aside from getting close to walking he is kind of saying kitty and is saying mama and dada. If you ask him where his kitties are he will look for them. Tonight when he was in the tub he decided that he would peek a boo. He was using his wash cloth and was once again very pleased with himself (he usually is when he does something that we like!)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

1st Birthday Pictures

We took Jackson to get his picture taken today and here are a few of them!
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Phoenix Childrens Museum

They both had some much fun they fell sleep on the way home

A trip to Phoenix

Tessa working on a puzzle while Jackson just wanted to pull the paper off

Tessa's new job - a nurse

Picking up some food for dinner

Leslie's new job

Jackson's new job

Wondering when they are going to get to go in and play

Tessa feeding Jackson like one of the dogs. The boy will eat pretty much anything!

Jackson and I took a trip to see my cousin Leslie and her family. Jackson did great on the 6 1/2 hour drive which made me VERY happy since it was just the 2 of us. It is so nice to have Leslie and Dave living close enough that we can actually visit. Jackson and Tessa had fun with each other. Jackson loved watching Tessa and Tessa loved taking the toys away from Jackson (she is 20 months - not her fault at all!)

One day at the park

I just love these pictures