Friday, June 26, 2009

The Park

Smelling the flowers

We love the sand!

I thought this was cute

Notice the falling petals!

We are so luck to have a great park right at the end of the street. This park is my life saver at 5:30 when Jackson has already eaten dinner and it is not time for bed time routine. I load him up in one of his various 'rides' and we head to the park. There is a little kids play area separate from the big kids with baby swings, a big dog park and a 2 little historic houses with a great little rose garden and fountain. I love going down there because it gets him out in the fresh air and he has room to walk around. He plays in the sand and loves to watch the dogs. Jackson is a huge fan of smelling things. We taught him to smell flowers and so now he loves to smell flowers and plants. It is actually pretty cute if I say so myself! He has also decided that whenever he sees a dog - no matter where it is - he says "oof oof". It doesn't matter if the dogs are in a book, on tv or in real life.

My little gardner

Not totally sure he could lift it full!

I still love how the fountain looks and all of my plants are coming along nicely!


My tomatoes growing in the upside down planter!

Living in an attached townhouse the one thing we miss is a yard. We do have a great little patio off the den and we love it. It has actually worked out to be the perfect size. We decided to allow the cats to go out there and they love it. Because the cats go in and out I usually just leave the door open. Jackson has also been loving this because he just likes to stand in the doorway and go in and out all day. The previous tenants left a great fountain. We wondered how anyone ever used it because there is no plug outside. We finally realized how they did it and we love having the running water! Now I just need my tomatoes to start actually growing and we will be all set!

Friday lunch with Daddy

Friday is usually lunch with daddy day. It is the one day that Jackson and I have no other groups and it has turned into a fun thing to do. Justin works in a beautiful office complex and we took these pictures today. We love friday lunches with daddy!

silly boy

Sometime you just have to put your pants on your head. For some reason this picture cracks me up and I think it is funny that it looks nothing like him,

What our morning are like!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

We went for a Father's Day hike in the Malibu Hills today! Jackson got to ride on Justin's back, and have a snack in the ruins of a cool old house near some waterfalls. We even saw a woman with a parrot on her shoulders walking around! The little man was tuckered out on the way home and took a little nap.
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Friday, June 19, 2009

More Birthday Pictures

I just got these pictures from one of Justin's friends at work. I love them so I had to add them!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Update on the little guy

Jackson is walking pretty well these days and for the most part prefers it to crawling. He loves the freedom of being able to carry things in his arms while he walks around - he loved to crawl with things in his hands. He is also still VERY chatty and anyone that has spent time with him knows what I am talking about. He talks all day and will loves to just let out happy screams. The good thing is that I always know where he is in the house! He has been a bit on the fussy side due to teething. His first 2 teeth came in pretty early and then there was nothing for awhile. We are making up for lost time now. I was able to get a good look in his mouth the other day and he is getting 2 top teeth, 2 bottom teeth and 2 bottom molers. Personally - I would be more than just a little fussy.

Now we are starting to gear up for some fun summer trips. Justin is in the final few months of his game so he is working 14+ hours 6 days a week so Jackson and I are going to visit family. We wish Justin could come with us but that is not an option at this point. This fall/ winter after his game ships we are hopefully going to take a much needed mini vacation. Jackson and I are heading to Boston for a week and Orlando.

That is the latest update on what is going on around here.

Sprinkler Fun!

Jackson had his first taste of playing in the sprinklers tonight! We had already been to the park so I already knew we were going to need a bath. He likes to throw the sand up in the air and because he doesn't have quite enough hair a bath is the only way to get it out. So after a stop by the grocery store when we came back the sprinklers were on. I decided to let him have a go at it to see what he would do. He seemed to LOVE it. He perfered to stay in the mist but he did get into the actual spray. Now I know that after a walk to the park and a detour by the grocery we can stop to play in the sprinklers!

Jackson and his buddy Aiden

Through one of the mom's groups that I joined I met Kirstin and her son Aiden. Kirstin and I are actually going to be co-presidents of one of our groups - I know what has world of stay-at-home mom's come too! Jackson and Aiden have a great time "playing" together which is wonderful! Even though Aiden is a few months younger, they are both doing the same things - Aiden has also started walking. We took the boys to costco the other day and when I told Jackson to share his snack he felt the need to actually feed them to Aiden. I have to say it was pretty cute!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hi Papa!

Sorry Grandma and Grandmother but Papa is much easier to say!

Dinner outside

I just thought these were cute!

Perfect Sunday!

As some of you know Justin has been working 6 days a week, so when we he is home we try to make the best of it. The weather was beautiful yesterday so we walked down to the beach to play in the sand. There is also a great little park right on the water so we went up there for some lunch. Something about a one year old, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and sand didn't seem like a good idea! Jackson loves the beach and is starting to get the hand of playing in the sand. He likes to put it in the bucket and then grab handfuls of sand and hand them to you. Better than eating it I guess!