Sunday, January 18, 2009

The start of a new year!

With as dark as Justin and I are - he is still blond as can be with big blue eyes!

Drool Monster - We are hoping the next set of teeth hurry up and come in

Cute Boy

Getting there

2 bottom teeth

So cheesy

He love to put things in his mouth and then will sit and play with other things.

One of my new favorite toys. Thanks Grandmother.

We started off the year with my mom visiting and we had Christmas with her. Since then we have just been hanging out and enjoying the beautiful weather. Jackson is getting more vocal every day but still not really moving around. We are actually convinced that he is going to crawl in his crib first. We watch him on the monitor and he tries to crawl. When we are on the floor playing he has no real desire to crawl. Maybe he thinks we can't see him in his crib and he is going to practice until he has mastered it and then blow us away and crawl across the floor. Here are some updated pictures from 2009.

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