Friday, February 20, 2009

On the move!

Jackson has finally decided to crawl! We were sitting outside yesterday and he didn't think I was looking so he decided to crawl off the blanket. This morning he realized that he could follow me into the kitchen and was so proud of himself!

We also had our 9 month doctor visit. He is still tall and skinny - 29 inches (75%) and 19 lb 12 oz (50%). He was such a trooper when he had to get his blood drawn and one more shot. Otherwise he was nice and healthy so that was good.

Grandma and Papa are on their way out here and we are off to Big Bear to go skiing for the weekend. It is a good thing he learned to crawl because it would have looked pretty silly if he learned to ski before crawling!

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Liz Goodman said...

YEAH! Watch out world - and mommy! The fun really begins now!!