Thursday, May 21, 2009

Someone loved their birthday dinner!

It is hard to believe but Jackson is now 1. I can't believe a year ago he was such a tiny little guy and now he is a wild man. He is a crazy little boy and is ALL over the place. He is getting close to walking but is not quite there but is one of the fastest crawlers around. His dinner tonight was nothing special - mac n'cheese with spinach and chicken - he decided it was one of the best meals he had ever eaten. He loves to feed himself and made quite a mess. It was a good thing he had already been playing in the fountain so he was wet and dirty. The video is of him during dinner and he quite enjoyed Grandma singing to him.

Aside from getting close to walking he is kind of saying kitty and is saying mama and dada. If you ask him where his kitties are he will look for them. Tonight when he was in the tub he decided that he would peek a boo. He was using his wash cloth and was once again very pleased with himself (he usually is when he does something that we like!)

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