Wednesday, August 5, 2009


While in Orlando, Grandmother treated us to a trip to Disney World! It started off as a great day - we got there not long after the park opened and were able to ride a bunch of rides. Once you figure out how to use the fast pass it is a wonderful thing. We were waiting for our fast pass time to ride peter pan and it was a perfect time to stop for lunch. We ate lunch and then while Jackson and I rode the carousel, Charlie cooled off in the little sprinkler park. As we walked to Peter Pan it started to rain. We made it back to the strollers, got the kids buckled in, and the heavens OPENED! It was a down pour. The good this was we were already planning on leaving but now we had to get back to the car. We finally made it back and needless to say we were all SOAKED! We had to sit on diapers in the car so that we didn't get the seats too wet.

After everyone took showers and naps, we ate dinner and then headed back. As we were pulling into the parking lot the rain stopped! We found a great spot along the parade route and had fun watching the kids enjoy the parade! After the parade, we stopped at the Country Bear Jamboree where Jackson found his 10th wind and was literally dancing in the aisle! As we walked out we caught the tail end of the fireworks, rode a few more rides and the made our way back to the car. After a wonderful day, we made it back to the car at midnight! The kids did great and can't wait to take them back again! Hopefully we will have a few trips to Disneyland before then!

Thanks again Grandmother we had a great time!

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