Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Crazy Boy!

Jackson has had a bit of a runny nose but that does not seem to keep the little guy down at all. He did sit in his chair for a few minutes to watch Sesame Street but it didn't last long. He's a wild man these days and is always on the move. He pulls himself up on anything and everything and will stand for a second by himself and can walk for a little bit while I hold one hand.

Other than that, we have joined a few mommy groups so we have been busy and he has been having fun with other kids (which might also be why he has a runny nose!) The kids and the moms in the groups seem to be great which is very nice! It gets us out of the house and keeps us both happy!

Here are a few pictures and videos from today. The cats are still great with him which is good since he can now chase them. He also decided this evening that he would take all of his PJs out of his drawer. I was putting away his clothes and I guess I left it open a little too long because next thing I know he had them all over the floor. Sorry the one video is a little long, it is a slice of life with Jackson.

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