Friday, March 20, 2009

Party Time!

Trying to get 7 kids from 7 wks to 4 1/2 to sit on a couch is not easy. Poor Madison got cut out of the shot but it was a little closer so I wanted to add it. This is the next generation of Sperandio/Goodman/Richmond kids! They are all so cute when they get together!

The whole gang - From left: Madison (1 1/2), Kennedy (4 1/2), Emerson (2 months), Charlie (2 1/2), Jackson (9 months), Georgia (2 1/2) and Grant (7 months) (thank you Liz - I took this off of her blog:))

Liz and Emerson

This will be Jackson's partner in crime in the years to come. Grant Sperandio is only about 3 wks younger than Jackson

Jackson and Grant

Emily had some puffs and Grant, Georgia and Jackson acted as though they had not eaten in weeks. It was pretty funny.

Jackson and Grant

We had our usual get together at my moms house. It was great fun to see all of the kids together and we were also able to celebrate Ricky's birthday!
Check out Liz's blog ( for some more great pictures!

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