Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Update on the little guy

Jackson is walking pretty well these days and for the most part prefers it to crawling. He loves the freedom of being able to carry things in his arms while he walks around - he loved to crawl with things in his hands. He is also still VERY chatty and anyone that has spent time with him knows what I am talking about. He talks all day and will loves to just let out happy screams. The good thing is that I always know where he is in the house! He has been a bit on the fussy side due to teething. His first 2 teeth came in pretty early and then there was nothing for awhile. We are making up for lost time now. I was able to get a good look in his mouth the other day and he is getting 2 top teeth, 2 bottom teeth and 2 bottom molers. Personally - I would be more than just a little fussy.

Now we are starting to gear up for some fun summer trips. Justin is in the final few months of his game so he is working 14+ hours 6 days a week so Jackson and I are going to visit family. We wish Justin could come with us but that is not an option at this point. This fall/ winter after his game ships we are hopefully going to take a much needed mini vacation. Jackson and I are heading to Boston for a week and Orlando.

That is the latest update on what is going on around here.

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