Friday, June 26, 2009

The Park

Smelling the flowers

We love the sand!

I thought this was cute

Notice the falling petals!

We are so luck to have a great park right at the end of the street. This park is my life saver at 5:30 when Jackson has already eaten dinner and it is not time for bed time routine. I load him up in one of his various 'rides' and we head to the park. There is a little kids play area separate from the big kids with baby swings, a big dog park and a 2 little historic houses with a great little rose garden and fountain. I love going down there because it gets him out in the fresh air and he has room to walk around. He plays in the sand and loves to watch the dogs. Jackson is a huge fan of smelling things. We taught him to smell flowers and so now he loves to smell flowers and plants. It is actually pretty cute if I say so myself! He has also decided that whenever he sees a dog - no matter where it is - he says "oof oof". It doesn't matter if the dogs are in a book, on tv or in real life.

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