Friday, June 26, 2009

My little gardner

Not totally sure he could lift it full!

I still love how the fountain looks and all of my plants are coming along nicely!


My tomatoes growing in the upside down planter!

Living in an attached townhouse the one thing we miss is a yard. We do have a great little patio off the den and we love it. It has actually worked out to be the perfect size. We decided to allow the cats to go out there and they love it. Because the cats go in and out I usually just leave the door open. Jackson has also been loving this because he just likes to stand in the doorway and go in and out all day. The previous tenants left a great fountain. We wondered how anyone ever used it because there is no plug outside. We finally realized how they did it and we love having the running water! Now I just need my tomatoes to start actually growing and we will be all set!

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